Will Xiaomi smartphone eat into samsung dominated markets ?

First have a look at the recent idc chart about smartphone marketshare by brand

Smartphone share by brand

You can clearly see that Koren smart phone giant Samsung is still dominating the global market while Huawei is at second while apple is at third.

Xiaomi is at fourth followed by another chinese phone maker Oppo.

Xiaomi still seems to be far from the top three but they are already dominating the Indian market.

Reason for Xiaomi getting popular in asian market is that you can get more features at a lesser price. For example, the A2 ( global ) or Mi 6x ( china version ) seems to have better features than what you can get at the same price with other brands. Even mid range budget phones like Redmi 5 Plus or Note 5 seems to be a better deal than other brands in that price segment. Pocophone seems to be popular too considering the features in it ( screen bleeding issue was a concern with poco f1 but Xiaomi has already mentioned that it was due to a gradient like design which is already corrected and not a funtionality issue )

It seems like Xiaomi will gain more of market share in Asian countries soon unless Samsung and Huawei come up with better devices at better pricing tag . ( remember that Xiaomi does not do much marketing at all but generally word of mouth seems to be the main marketing tool for them ). Apple seems to be only wanting to go with very high end market considering the recent very high price tags. It may backfire but still too early to say anything about it.

It is anyway good to see a high competion between Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other chinese brands so that customers can get a better device at a better pricing. 😊

How to create your own website ?

You can create your own website nowadays easily.

One method is to use a free website builder service like wix.com, weebly.com or even wordpress.com

It is totally free but will have limitations in free edition such as ads may appear in your website and you will not get a direct domain ( you will get a subdomain of that free website builder ). But for things like blogging this would be fine.

If you need more of a professional touch then you can upgrade to a higher package. Then ads will not appear and you can get / attach a primary domain.

Second method would be to build a standalone website with the help of a web deigner or web design agency and then host it in a webhost like inmotionhosting or bluehost. It will be much more professional than just a free website.

So if you are looking for a business website, either go for a paid version of a website builder service or hire a web designer.