Is windows os dying ?

Windows operating systems are still dominating the desktops and laptops operating system markets ( see below screenshot ) but open source os like ubuntu are slowly catching up the market ( unless you do heavy graphic or video related tasks, free operating systems seems to be more than enough for every day task like browsing internet, watching movies or even making word documents. With google office tools or openoffice, you can get the latter task done without ms office ! 😅 )

With more and more tougher license regulations in future, we may see desktop computer vendor s and sellers will consider free operating systems like ubuntu.

Windows os market share

When it comes to tablets pc, windows had lost the race to android and iOS very badly.

Tablet os market share

Then, when it comes to smart phones the windows os has almost got thrashed again. 🙄

Mobile os market share

Android seems to dominate this market segment while windows does not even own 1% from the market share sadly.

Remember, future of technology is going to be smart phones, watches and tablets due to busy life style of humans !

Why windows seems to be struggling with future technologies ?

They were too late when entering theĀ  smart phone marketĀ  ( Nokia lost the race to Samsung in mobile phone market, thanks to this delay sometime back 😉 ) and didn’t try to adapt to the modern world.

Another reasons is that chinese smartpone manufacturing companies like Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, Oppo etc seems to be heavily making android based smartphones targeting both budget users and high end users.

Also android users find it really easy to work with so many quality free apps that come with google playstore. If anyone needs a premium app or upgrade to a pro version with extra features, they can easily pay few dollars and get it.

iOS market segment too is almost untochable for windows as it is a loyal fan base for apple products.

So it seems smart phone and tablet markets are out of windows reach now.

Will windows loose the desktop and laptop Market segment too like what happened to smartphones ?

Not very soon but unless they adapt, they will likely have a hardtime ( Mainly due to what I mentioned at the beginning of the article )

It is better for them to make a basic operating system and give it free while giving useful softwares at a yearly or one time fee. ( similer to that of android and playstore model ).

Also don’t forget that google office tools can do almost all tasks of ms office. So it will be a tough competition for microsoft office sofware too unless they come up with an android like model.